Journaling workshop

To create time

Creating time for journaling might be the most challenging part. This is why journaling workshop is organized to make it an appointment for yourself!

To reflect

It is often forgotten during the busy days, but it is very important to reflect on yourself. To sit and explore what is on your mind recently.

To journal

As we reflect, it is also helpful to write them down on papers. By articulating them out and seeing from a little distance, we get more clarity.

To meet friends

Journaling workshop is a great way to get out of the house, explore new coffee spots in town and meet like-minded friends. It's a great balance of MeTime & socializing.

expanding journaling community

Hosting journaling workshop in Kigali, Rwanda since 2019. The journaling community is expanding step by step! 

* Number is as of Mar’24


Monthly journaling


Total participants


Collaboration or Themed workshop



Journaling workshop

Monthly journaling

Every month, we meet and journal at pretty cafes in Kigali, Rwanda.

Monthly journaling workshop is consistently held every month since 2021. Great way to open your notebook and connect with other journaling friends. Do not hesitate if you are very beginner, we all have to start somewhere. Both beginners and occasional journaling fans enjoys this co-creative space!

Themed journaling

Journaling on a specific topic to take deeper dive into your reflection.

As a life coach, I introduced themed journaling workshops where we can explore a little deeper on specific topics. This group coaching allows you to reflect on your days or your goals, and support you get closer to the best version of yourself.

Tailored workshop

Individual or group workshop is available upon request!

If you want to organize a fun but productive event with your friends group or introduce wellness related workshop at your work place, I am here for private workshops! All you need is to contact me and we’ll discuss what topic to explore.

Feedback from participants

I have wanted to start journaling for a long time but always felt overwhelmed. Thank you for making me get started to just write.
Thank you for creating the space to reconnect with myself through journaling. Your graceful direction and small nudges to get started really help. I love also the small bits of wisdom on how to grow ownership over our own life.
I loved the journaling exercise of 3 good things, was great, as it helped me start writing. I usually focus on the challenges of my day, but it was great to change and focus on the good things instead.
It’s always easier to take that time, when it is scheduled, outside of the house, and with a group. I also liked the prompts. Thank you for creating and holding the space Asato.