Life coach with a journal

What I Do

Empowering other ladies to create some pocket of time within their busy days, to open her journal and to reflect on what she truly want to do.

You will find me either planning or journaling with a pen & notebooks.

Journaling workshop

To spread the love, I offer monthly journaling workshop at pretty cafe in Kigali, Rwanda. Come and join us to build your writing habits.

Themed journaling

On top of monthly journaling workshop, I introduced themed journaling workshop for deeper reflection, such as year- end review session.

One-on-one coaching

I also offer 1-on-1 life coaching to discover your passion and support you to get closer to your goals. Sometimes you need a sister to run along.


Journaling time becomes more exciting when you have pretty notebooks. I’m on the hunt for gorgeous writing supply all the time, wherever I go.

About Me

Asato - Certified life coach with a journal

In my late 20th,  I quickly discovered my journaling habit help me go through the big life transition such as an international move or becoming a mama. 

Ever since then, writing has been my passion and to share this amazing tool, I am currently hosting journaling workshop to create time and space for all the busy ladies in Kigali, Rwanda.

monthly workshops
Themed workshops
Workshop participants
Coaching clients
My Experience
Moved to Rwanda from Japan (a big move!)
Became a mama (a big life perspective shift!)
Hosted my first journaling workshop @Inzora
Became a certified life coach
Starting planning/journaling channel on YouTube

Recent Workshops

Monthly workshop is a fun way to create time for journaling and meeting other like-minded friends. It’s hosted is various pretty cafes in Kigali, Rwanda.

at Shokola cafe

at Tugende
at Turambe shoppe
at Indabo cafe
at Kivu noir

at Inzora cafe - my all time favorite


Absolutely amazing experience! Honestly made me love myself more and realize “I am the bomb” through all the experiences I have been through from the bad to the good. The journaling activities made me realize that I have a lot to UNPACK.


I really enjoyed it. It’s always easier to take that time, when it is scheduled, outside of the house, and with a group. I also liked the prompts. Thank you for creating and holding the space Asato.


Life coaching

On top of journaling workshop, I also offer one-on-one life coaching sessions for those who want to discover themselves a little deeper. The sessions allow us to unpack the thoughts, to create attainable plans and to actually make the small changes in life.


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