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JournalingWorkshop in Kigali

I am hosting journaling workshop twice/month, inviting all Kigali friends to enjoy journaling.
We meet at pretty cafe sand journal together. Venue is changed every time to spice up the experience

Journaling Workshop History

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What is journaling workshop?

We get together & journal together!
1) 1st part - 3goodthings journaling (20mins)
2) 2nd part - self reflection + writing (20mins)
It secure quality self-care moment

Can a very beginner join?

Of course! Everyone is welcome.
Worksheet & guided question will support you ;
- to think about small happiness in daily life
- to reflect on what you really want to do

How can I join?

Click the mail icon, jump to IG & send Message.
My IG page also shows;
- comment from workshop participants
- daily tips on journaling to keep you motivated

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How to Join you first workshop!

  1. Check the latest schedule via IG
  2.  DM for booking your spot, and I will share you the venue for event.
  3.  Bring your favorite pen to write with. Worksheet is provided for the first session.
  4. Relax and enjoy the mindfulness moment together 

Workshop is 1 hour session.

  • Introduction (5mins)
  • 3goodthings journaling(25mins)
  • self reflection journaling(25mins)
  • Closing(5mins)