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What journaling workshop taught me in 2021

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Hi This is Asa. I have just finished our final journal workshop for 2021.

Within the past 3 months, I have hosted 5 journaling workshops! Even within this short period of time, I am learning a lot & feeling very motivated to see where this adventure is taking us.

In this article, I am sharing several points I have learnt through organizing journaling workshop. It needed some amount of courage to start, but once it gets started, it starts rolling!

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Journal workshop is fully booked

Journal workshop is fully booked

To be honest, this is the biggest surprise for me. Since 3rd month, our journaling workshop is fully booked!!

In the beginning, I was not sure if anyone will resonate with journaling together concept. I even imagined myself sitting at the venue, by myself, no one showing up, and just solo-journaling.

But that was not the case at all!! Since I want to keep the group in a nice & cozy size, seats are limited. Since the 3rd month of organizing workshop, I realized there are more and more people who wants to join.

How blessed! And I can strongly feel that this kind of mindfulness activity was so much needed in this time, and in this city.

Journal workshop has many repeaters

Whether it is an event or a workshop, organizer is worried if participants liked the contents of not.

And how you measure the satisfaction is if they come back again. 1st time, people are interested in the activity so they would show up. Real challenge is whether they will come back for 2nd time.

And for this journaling workshop, I am happy to say that most of participants are coming back! I have only hosted 5 times so it is a bit early to say, but it is so nice to see same friends coming back for next session.

I am trying to spice up the contents so that repeaters don’t get bored!

Journal workshop is expanding through word of mouth

What is also surprising is that one participant brings another friend to next session. Isn’t this beautiful?

Because she liked the journaling workshop, she talks about it to her friends, and they come along the next session. I am so happy to hear about this word-of-mouth situation.

There was even a case where a friend who bought her friend, who even brought their foreign visitors! I hope the workshop was a good memory for the travelers.

Journal workshop is shared through IG

When I started journaling workshop, I also started IG account dedicated to journaling. And interestingly, some people find me through IG!

They somehow find me in the vast sea of billions of IG photos, and contact me for further details! It is lovely to meet someone really fresh, and I can feel more of new friends will come through IG next year.

The more we talk about it, more idea comes up

candle light

It is always fun to chat in between the sessions, and some chats give me idea for next contents.

Some people mentioned workshop dedicated to;

  • Goal setting & keeping motivation
  • What to focus for next year
  • 30days journaling challenge to build a habit

In the beginning, I thought I was the one to create contents of workshop. But the more we talk about it, I feel like our journaling community is creating what they want to do. Isn’t this fun?

I am not sure how to incorporate those ideas, but surely those are the things I wouldn’t have come up myself so it will be more and more interesting!

I am super motivated for journaling workshop 2022

In mid-October, I have posted about starting journaling workshop with so much anxiety.

What if no one is interested?

What if no one shows up?

What if, what if…..

But all of the worries were just my fantasy.

Journaling workshop, the very first one in Kigali, as far as I know, is fully accepted by so many friends and we enjoy journaling together! I am so happy to hear positive feedbacks and also to see them bringing other friends to this community.

Our journey has just started, but I can already feel that journaling workshop will be more and more interesting in 2022.

Let’s see where the journey will take us!