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What is #3goodthings practice? Benefit and how to start

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Hi This is Asa. I have launched Kigali’s very first workshop recently, and spreading the joy of journaling.

One of the reason I wanted to start journaling workshop is I wanted to share the power of #3goodthings practice. It is very simple but I find it very powerful.

In this article, you will learn;

  • What is #3goodthings practice & How to get started
  • The benefits of starting #3goodthings practice
  • How my #3goodthings practice journey has been

Let’s grab a pen and notebook and start thinking about your yesterday! I know this small step will push you to next level.

What is #3goodthings practice

What is #3goodthings practice?

It is very simple but powerful practice that you can start immediately.

So what is #3goodthings practice

This #3goodthings practice is simple as per it’s name. You just write down 3 good things everyday. That’s it!

If your are journaling beginner, this practice is where to start. It is very simple & doesn’t requires so much of time and thinking.

Some journaling requires a lengthy self reflection and in depth writing. Yes, it is an ideal journaling. I am sure you will enjoy that type of journaling and it will be a beautiful mindfulness time for sure.

BUT to do it every day is unrealistic. So keep that for your weekend journaling, but start with something small.

How to start #3good things practice

So you grab a pen & your notebook/planner and here are the 3 steps.

  1. Think back on the day (or yesterday) and think about 3 things which made you happy
  2. Write the 3 good things on your journal
  3. Feel the happiness growing in yourself

That’s it! You might be suspicious about the 3rd step. But trust me, when you finish writing them down, you will find some warm feeling in your heart.

Every time you open the notebook and write down 3 good things, go through previous pages, too. After a couple of days, you will notice that yourself is surrounded by so many small happiness!

Why #3goodthings practice good for you

What it is good for you?

You might be wondering why this practice make a big change in your life. So here are the reasons to get you started.

It’s only 3 mins practice, works great for busy friend

This journaling tip is super simple. Step 1 to 3 will take maximum 3-5 mins. I’m sure you have some 3 mins, if you have time to scroll your phone in the evening.

We all know that journaling is important. We all know that mindfulness moment is needed to keep you sane, BUT it is not easy to journal everyday especially if you haven’t built the muscle yet.

So many of my workshop friends told me “I have wanted to journal for a long time, but I never made it. I keep postponing….” And that is so true.

It’s super simple, so no complicated reflection needed

This #3goodthings practice is super straight forward that you can do it even if you’re a bit tired.

Journaling can take some reflection to discuss with your inner self, which requires time & energy. But this 3 mins reflection can be down, when you’re taking evening shower or sitting down on your sofa in the evening.

Otherwise, you can do it early in the morning, too, while you wait for your coffee to be ready, or while your PC is setting up. It takes 3 mins and all you do is to simply reflect on the day. That’s it!

It changes your attitude toward everyday life

How you see your life will change, when you start looking for small happiness. Your days may look like chaos, and you might feel like overwhelmed by so many struggles here and there.

But once you start looking for mini happiness, you starts seeing the things you have overlooked in your daily life.

There are pretty flower in the garden, someone made you morning coffee at office, you found parking spot in front of the shop, etc…

Let’s not wait to be happy, waiting something big will happen to turn your life. But let’s focus on small happiness that are scattered around yourself.

My #3goodthings practice journey

My #3goodthings practice journey

Here, I want to share my #3goodthings journey, which I have been practicing for more than 330 days consecutive
! I can’t believe I had the power to continue journaling for this long, without missing one day.

Started writing down on my journal

When I first hard about “Write 3 good things every day”, I started writing down on my planner. I was not sure where this was going to, but I kept doing it for a couple of days.

Then I felt something change in me. So I shared it to my husband. He’s also doing this practice, but in app. For him, it was easier to keep it on the phone, as he doesn’t have a habit of writing. It’s ok, we all have different likes as long as we continue the practice!

Started sharing on podcast

One day, I wanted to start my podcast (sorry, it’s in Japanese only) so I decided to share my everyday #3goodthings by talking them out. I just started reading out my #3goodthings every morning and sharing some episode around it to share my daily life.

Podcasting was very new for me, but since #3goodthings practice happens every day, I have been broadcasting literally every day! I was surprised with myself but I was even recording while we were on holiday, when myself was super low, when I was sick.

More people joined on podcast

more people joined on podcast

Then interesting happened. I started hearing from other podcasting friend broadcasting their own “3goodthings”.

They were kind enough to say “After hearing asa speaking her #3goodthings every day, I wanted to give it a go!”. I started to feel that #3goodthings is expanding step by step, through the words of mouth.

One lady told me why she likes this practice.

To pick 3 makes the practice easy. If I were to pick only one thing, then I would’ve been overwhelmed to pick the best thing. But number 3 is convenient and it allow me to pick some tiny tiny thing.

This is true. If I were to pick only 1, it requires some time and energy to come up with THE one. But to pick three, you are more relaxed and something very small can be the candidates.

Started sharing experiences through workshop

As I started to feel #3goodthings practice is spreading among my podcast friends, I also started sharing to actual friends during my Journaling workshop. Each of our session starts with this #3goodthings practice followed by journaling.

I like starting the workshop from this practice, because it brings everyone in happy vibes. When we start from something positive, whatever they think/write during the course tend to be a happier one.

Easy & powerful method to change your life perspective

Easy & powerful method to change your life perspective

This #3goodthings practice is very simple that even a very busy person can incorporate to their life. I prefer writing them down so that it is easy to go back and review, but if you are more of phone person, like my husband, it is ok to start with app.

1) Think back on the day (or yesterday) and think about 3 things which made you happy
2) Write the 3 good things on your journal
3) Feel the happiness growing in yourself

It only needs a few minutes of your day, but as you continue, you will notice that you are looking at you days in a different view.

Even in the midst of darkness or chaos of your life, there are still a handful of things that supports you & make you smile.

Let’s take some 3 mins to look at those small happiness’s and embrace our life!