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Journaling workshop and why it is important for you

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Hi, this is Asa. I have just launched Kigali’s very first journaling workshop in October, and we have already done a couple of sessions already.

I can already feel that the workshop is appreciated by many Kigali friends. I am really excited to see how this journaling community will grow in 2022.

In this blog post, you will learn about ;

  • What we do in journaling workshop
  • Why it is important for you to join workshop

Yes, I know you might be thinking “Why? Isn’t journaling supposed to be done alone?” I will get to that point, too.

Contents of Journaling workshop

Contents of Journaling workshop

You might be wondering what to expect during journaling workshop. So here is what we do in one hour session.

  • Greetings & explanation of today’s activity (5mins)
  • 1st part — #3goodthings practice (25mins)
  • 2nd part — self-check-in questions (25mins)
  • Closing & Receiving feedbacks (5mins)

I try to limit the explanation time so that we can enjoy journaling as long as possible.

Who has done 25 mins writing recently? Or had quiet time / meditated for 25 mins recently? During the workshop, some participants realize “I haven’t held a pen for this long!”.

And this is the main objective of this workshop. To have quality reflection time for yourself without any distraction.

You can also check why the behind the scene : 3 reasons why I’m starting Journaling workshop in Kigali – Minimalish Journal (

Why it is important for you to join this workshop

Why it is important for you to join this workshop

When I came up with the Journaling workshop idea, I was not 100% sure if the idea will be accepted by Kigali friends. Because I had never seen this type of workshop here.

But after a couple of try, I really feel “journaling together” is very fun & important for all of us!

To start your journaling life

Some people are already into journaling, some are not. I love seeing some friend join the workshop saying “I have wanted to journal, but I never got the time so this is good occasion”.

Journaling is a habit. Once you get used to it, it is much easier to continue, but to start is always the most challenging.

So, book the workshop, grab a nice notebook (I actually love seeing everyone’s pretty books) and pen, and get the new habit going!

To secure time

We all know that journaling is important for your mind. To spend some mindfulness moment to yourself and to reflect on your emotions and feelings is an act of selfcare.

I keep saying “journaling is good for your mind, just as exercise is good for your body”. We all know that 10-15mins of either of activity makes a huge impact to your mind/body.

BUT it easier said than done. So many workshop participants told me “With everyday chaos, I don’t get to sit down and think”. And it is so true to so many of us.

Join the workshop and you will fully enjoy 45+ mins of YOUR OWN time, away from busy home, kids, work situation.

To meet new people

This was one of the main reasons I started this workshop. I wanted to meet people who share the same passion.

Yes, each of us has different stories or attitude toward journaling. Some are beginner, some are advanced. But to meet like-minded people really encouraged me to get this activity going.

Also, I like the class room kind of vibe during workshop. When you see other people concentrated in writing, you also get motivation to write more!

How to book your seat for next session

How to book your seat for next session

So now that you know everything about what to expect during Journaling workshop, here is how you can book your spot.

  1. Check latest schedule via our IG account (Click here to jump to IG)
  2. Send DM through IG to get the venue information
  3. Grab your pen & notebook
  4. Join the workshop!

As of now, I try to keep the number of participants around 6 so that it is not TOO big. I like the friendly vibe when everyone knows each other’s name, repeaters get to see each other again, and we fit in one table.

So don’t forget to book in advance so that I can secure your spot.

Journaling workshop is already on-live in Kigali!

workshop is already on-live in Kigali!

When I came up with the Journaling Workshop idea, honestly, I was not sure if the concept will be accepted by friends in Kigali.

But the more I host, more and more people are willing to join & repeat! Our 3rd month journaling sessions were FULLY booked, which I did not expect to happen that soon.

So, don’t forget to check out the latest schedule on IG, and secure your spot. I guarantee that you will have nice and relaxing moment to yourself. Hope to see you in our next session!