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How to make 100 wish list to enlighten your life

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Hi, this is Asa. I am hosting journaling workshop in Kigali, Rwanda. We enjoyed creating 100 Wish list for 2022 and I want to share our experience.

Creating wish list take some time of concentration, but it will definitely support you to enjoy your daily life.

In this article, I will share you small tips to make the wish list. Grab your pen & notebook and let’s get started!

What is 100 Wish List?

What is 100 Wish List?

During our journaling workshop, we spend 4 sessions to think and write about what we want to do in 2022.

Key is to list up your own wish, what you WANT. And NOT what I need to do or what I should be doing.

To come up with 100 wishes is not simple. But it allows you to think about every aspect of your life and show you all the things you want to accomplish in the new year.

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How to create your own 100 wish list

So, let’s get started with your own 100 wish list. These are the small steps to building your long list.

Secure some time and sit with pen & notebook

Secure some time and sit with pen & notebook

This activity requires some time. No, I don’t think you can finish it in a day.

During our workshop, we spent 30 mins/day to work on the wish list. The quickest friend manage to fill up to 60+ in 30mins but that was a very special case.

You need to secure probably 30min x 3, 4 times to finalize the list. But the journey is very interesting so it’s definitely worth the time.

Create main page of 100 wish list

First of all, you will create a page where you would make a list. Put 1, 2, 3, ….. 99, 100 on the left side, and keep the remaining right side blank, so that you can fill the list.

So how does the page look like? Are you feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the length?

Yes, we all did. But don’t worry. We are going to take small steps so that it’ll become more doable.

Create sub category to explore every corner of your life

Create sub category to explore every corner of your life

Then, keeping the list page as is (just the numbers, as of now), turn the page.

Draw a line to cut the whole page into 6 or 8 boxes. Each of the boxes will have category name. This will guide you through to come up with your wishes within that category.

For example, category can be; personal goal, relationships, career, health, mental etc.

Write those category name on each of the boxes, and then start thinking about small goals / wishes you have underneath.

For example, category : HEALTH

– Try new gym
– Go to Pilates class
– Try Yoga class

Have no limit, but focus on small happiness

Have no limit

When you are thinking about wishes, there is no limit. Don’t limit yourself by thinking “oh, but I will have no time” or “I don’t think I can do this.” Let the wishes to come out of your brain and be shown on the paper.

And key point is that we are coming up with 100 wishes. 100 items to achieve in 365 days. It means, you will be achieving 2 or 3 wishes per week.

Therefore, keep the wishes nice and small. In this way, your wish list becomes more achievable and you can enjoy the feeling of actually ticking off & actually doing the small things.

Idea of small happiness on my list
– Travel with friend (slightly big goal)
– Visit new restaurant (doable as long as I keep it in mind)
– Make crepe with kid (doable for any weekend breakfast)
– Bur new fruits (doable if I don’t forget)

Create a list with 80% small wishes that you can do on free weekend, and 20% challenging goals to make your year more interesting!

Small tips to top up your wishes

While we were creating 100 wish list in the journaling workshop, some was able to come up with very many small wishes, and others took long. So no worries, if it seems complicated for you.

But here are some tips to top up your list to get to 100!

– List all the friends/relatives name you haven’t called for a while
– List the name of books, movies, shows you want to watch
– List the name of veggies and fruits you want to add to daily diet

Remember to keep your wishes nice and small, so that you can tick them off even tomorrow.

So rather than putting “Introduce healthy diet”, write “buy apple for snack” “get mix nuts for office snack” “try new salad recipe”. Here we already have 3 items on the list, and they are attainable with small intention!

Some comments from workshop participants!

Some comments from workshop participants!

I am very grateful that so many of workshop participants gave me positive feedback on this activity!

Thanks a lot for organizing. I came up with a few nice ideas in a short time! I will tell you when I have done some of them!

from 7th workshop participant

I didn’t have so much opportunity to write about myself so journaling workshop was interesting for me. If we could all fill up the 100 wishes, I think our life would be much happier one!

from 7th workshop participant

I do understand that already creating time for journaling is not easy. So, securing your time to think about 100 items (which would take multiple attempts) is quite challenging.

I am so happy that workshop participants managed to start creating their own list together. It is always easier when you are surrounded by like-minded person, so joining the workshop is perfect way to get your pen started!

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Key point is to review your wish list again & again

Key point is to review your wish list again & again

It was very fun way to review each category of my life and create certain wishes/goals. This helped me to visualize what are my priority in this season of life.

Two simple points to enjoy your 100 wish list.

  1. Don’t stress over if you cannot fill it up. You can add wishes as the year go along.
  2. Check the list once or twice /month to remind yourself of all the wishes

We are all busy humans doing multiple things at the same time. So all the wishes tends to get forgotten. So let’s review the page again and again, to tick them off & to remind yourself.

I hope you enjoy the journey of making the list, and that you actually start utilizing it in your daily life!