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3 reasons why I embarked on Morning Pages challenge

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Hello. This is Asa, and welcome to Minimalish Journal blog where I share some journaling tips & all about my journaling workshop in Kigali, Rwanda.

Morning pages is the journaling method I used a little while ago, and I wanted to have it back again.

So I decided to try 21 days challenge to build a journaling muscle, to get myself ready for the coming year!

In this article, I will be sharing what is Morning page. And the three reasons why I wanted to have it back in my daily routine.

What is Morning Pages journaling method?

What is Morning Pages journaling method?

Morning Pages is a simple yet very powerful way to journal, which is shared in the book called “The Artist Way” by Julia Cameron.

To start Morning Pages is super simple.

  1. Prepare a notebook
  2. Keep the notebook and a pen on your dining table
  3. When you wake up, open the book and start writing
  4. Fill in three pages per morning

There is no prompt for Morning Pages, and you simply continue writing whatever pops up in your mind. By the time you get to the end of three pages, your hand might be tired. But you have more clarity and creativity in your mind.

Three reasons why I wanted Morning Page back

Three reasons why I wanted Morning Page back

I am going to share the reasons why I started embarking on my 21 days challenge to see how I can incorporate Morning Pages back.

Reason 1) It’s a great way to start my day

Who jumps up from bed (probably hearing your family waking up earlier than you) and start the day in a rush? That has been me for the past two years.

But when you start your day with journaling, there is serenity. You actually feel that you are taking care of yourself. And that you have the control of the day.

Some people prefer to meditate, and I have tried. But it didn’t work for me. For people who loves writing, I think Morning Pages is a form of meditation to listen to yourself.

Reason 2) It’s hard but give me creativity

To be honest, writing three pages is not easy, especially if you are not so into writing. For me, writing three pages take around 30 to 45 minutes.

However, by the time you reach your third page and you feel like there is nothing more to write, there comes some new idea or though that has been hiding at the back of your brain. That’s when you meet your inner-child or hidden creativity.

Reason 3) It gave me new revenue channel before

When I tried Morning Pages last year, I journaled for 3 months consecutively. And through out activity, I discovered that I really enjoy writing and wanted to make a thing.

After writing about it multiple times in my journal, I decided it’s time to make a decision. I have created my account on Cloud Sourcing website, and launched my carrier as SEO writer.

Back then, I was only blogging for myself. But this small step has led me to multiple medias and I still enjoy creating contents. This was a big experience where I learnt I can do what I enjoy and get paid!

Morning Pages is a simple way to transform your life

Morning Pages is a simple way to transform your life

Morning Pages is a very simple journaling activity. You don’t need to invest in expensive notebook, but any book and pen will do. And there is no overwhelming prompt to follow.

Just grab a note and write three pages. That’s it!

However, the outcome is more than you can imagine. It’s a form of meditation where you listen to your heart and bring out what is hiding.

Writing three pages seems a bit overwhelming in the beginning. But trust me, after one week, you will realize something is changing inside you.